On this page you will find support and training resources for Minecraft. Minecraft is a game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving. Minecraft is an immersive digital environment that engages students through a variety of content areas. Educators in more than 115 countries are using Minecraft: Education Edition across the curriculum! Students will log into Minecraft Education Edition by using their Microsoft 365 school credentials. 

Setting Up Minecraft

📃 How to Install Minecraft Edu on Student Laptops

Getting Started with Minecraft

🌎 Minecraft Education Home Page

🌎 Minecraft Education Community Hub 

🎬 Welcome to Minecraft: Education Edition

📃 Minecraft Parent Information Guide (En Español | Em Português)

Minecraft Features and Functionality

🎬 How to Use the Camera

🎬 Using NPCs (Non-Player Characters)

📃 Adding NPCs (Non-Player Characters)

🎬 Using the Book and Quill

📃 Using the Book and Quill for PC

📃 Using the Book and Quill for iPad

🌎 Minecraft Commands

🌎 Minecraft Crafting Guide

🎬 Importing and Exporting Worlds

📃 Importing Worlds (En Español | Em Português)

📃 Exporting Worlds (En Español | Em Português)

🌎 How to Setup a Multiplayer Game

📃 Joining Worlds - Multiplayer Game (En Español | Em Português)

Additional Resources

🌎 Profile Types and Permissions

Any student interested in joining this club for free play or game creation should pick up an application from the media center or download here: Application. Complete and return to Mr. Reid in the Media Center.

Club meets Thursdays after school until 5:30pm