Public Library Pass

Library Pass


PASS stands for Public library Access for Student Success, a partnership between the Cobb County School District and the Cobb County Public Library System launched in January 2018. Students can use their student ID numbers to access public library resources. 

Login Information:

  • Teachers need to use their regular public library card or educator card for access.

    • Note: Teachers will need to contact Cobb County Public Library directly to gain access credentials

    • Also: Smyrna Library is not apart of the Cobb County Public Library System

Presentations and Letters 


Returning public library books

  • If you receive public library books that need to be returned, you may put them in our county mail marked “public library” on the envelope. They will be brought to the central mailroom and the public library will pick them up from there once a week. You may also drop them off yourself at a public library branch if it’s convenient for you. 

  • The public library will also bring any school books accidentally returned to the public library to our central mailroom. From there, they will be routed to the appropriate school.